CEO of Temasek Foundation explains what sets Singaporean philanthropy apart

Last December, Alliances Tokyo-based East Asia Representative, Fan Li, had a chance to sit down with the CEO of Temasek Foundation, Ng Boon Heong at the Asia Philanthropy Congress 2023. Boon Heong talked about how the foundation was built upon the same principles and value propositions that make Singapore successful, and its strategy of deploying philanthropic capital to pilot innovations and proactively partnering with outcome partners to scale for impact.

Ng Boon HeongNg Boon Heong

Fan Li: What is the origin of Temasek Foundation, and what is the relationship between the foundation, Temasek, and also the Singapore government?

Ng Boon Heong: Temasek Foundation is birthed out of a desire to do good and help our neighbours and Asia prosper. Temasek Foundation benefits from philanthropic gifts of Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. Temasek’s sole shareholder is the Singapore Minister of Finance, as a body corporate under the Singapore Minister for Finance (Incorporation) Act 1959 and her current portfolio value is 382 billion Singapore dollars as at 31 March 2023.

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