Alliance in Latin America

An electronic edition of Alliance magazine will soon be available in Spanish for free distribution throughout Latin America. Alliance will also be collecting news on philanthropy and social investment in Latin America for dissemination in English through its global networks. Both projects will be under way later this year. They are supported by a three-year grant from Avina Stiftung.
Alliance’s main operating partner in Latin America will be Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo (Institute for Communication and Development – ICD), based in Uruguay and with more than 20 years of experience. ICD’s mission is to empower civil society and promote citizenship participation in Latin America by means of generating knowledge, disseminating information and strengthening communication processes.
Why ICD? ICD is rare among Latin American organizations in having a genuinely regional remit, working throughout Latin America. Crucially, it also has experience of translating and publishing as ICD produces the Spanish version of the ISTR Bulletin. ICD manages a successful virtual community La Sociedad Civil en Línea (Civil Society Online,, which offers information on development topics and online courses and publishes a well-respected newsletter that reaches more than 4,000 subscribers all over the world.
Through a partnership with GIFE, the Brazilian grantmakers’ association, Alliance articles have been published regularly in Portuguese since December 2005. Publication in Spanish in partnership with ICD will be a welcome next step in expanding Alliance’s global presence.For more information

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