APPC – APPC to explore giving patterns among immigrant communities

Diaspora philanthropy, or charitable giving by migrants to their home countries, is marked by strong personal, cultural and community ties. It is also of increasing importance as a source of charitable giving among the larger migrant communities worldwide.

A phenomenon that began with informal networks, diaspora philanthropy is now moving towards the more structured practice of philanthropic social investing, and has the potential to be a significant contributor to the development of home countries. Currently, the leading recipient countries in the world are: China, with its diaspora estimated at 35 million, followed by India at 20 million migrants and the Philippines at 7 million.

Recognizing the growing significance of giving by migrant communities in the region’s development, APPC has organized a programme subcommittee to be headed by APPC board member and diaspora expert Priya Viswanath of CAF India. The committee will examine the phenomenon of diaspora philanthropy in Asia, and provide more comprehensive information and analysis on countries where it has gained the greatest influence and where its character is most developed, namely China, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. Areas of research interest include: giving patterns of Asian immigrants; mechanisms and intermediaries used for diaspora philanthropy; and how beneficiary communities perceive migrant giving.

The Programme Subcommittee on Diaspora Philanthropy is scheduled to convene before the APPC Board Meeting in November to discuss these initiatives further.

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