APPC – Giving by the region’s charitable families – a snapshot

Why do I give? Why does my family give? How did we start, what influenced us, and how do we now decide to whom and for what causes we give? What prevents us from giving more? About 60 high-net-worth individuals from six countries in South and South East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines) will consider these questions, articulating their experiences of, and attitudes towards, giving in a study conducted by APPC on Philanthropic Leadership and Development.

The study (still going on at the time of going to press) is engaging APPC’s Governing Council members and Executive Director themselves in the conduct of the interviews and the management of the study.

Paiboon Wattanasiritham says that in his list of Thai interviewees will be local high-net-worth individuals who are the philanthropists in their area or community. Similarly, among the Philippine interviewees will be well-known philanthropists in communities – the owner of a long-thriving local business or a wealthy agriculturist – which should shed interesting light on local philanthropic practice. The study is also expected to give some indication of the extent to which religion determines philanthropic giving. In Islamic South Asia, it is well known that people give generously and regularly to their mosques.

Among other things, the report will hope to shed light on whether individual philanthropists seek informal networking among peers, or whether they would like more formal sources of information (on issues, or on connecting with NGOs) or philanthropic assistance or advice from religious/community leaders, from support organizations or from financial advisers. Whatever the results, the hope is that the study will ultimately encourage more giving. APPC will release a published version of the report before the end of the year.

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