APPC – New efforts to benchmark giving practices in Asia Pacific

APPC is all set to embark on a new study on giving in the region under the banner The Measure of Giving in Asia-Pacific: Benchmarking Philanthropy in the Region. The aim of the survey is to build on the findings of APPC’s Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Asia, a pioneering effort to document giving behaviour and fundraising techniques in seven Asian countries – Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand.

Completed in 1999, Investing in Ourselves continues to be used in training courses for non-profit fundraising in the region. The intention is that the forthcoming study will be equally useful in practice and take knowledge of giving in the region a stage further.

The Measure of Giving study will track the growth of individual philanthropy through annual surveys in various Asia-Pacific societies. It will survey an average of six societies a year, targeting a mix of countries that will give a balanced representation of East, South-East and South Asian societies. This will allow cross-society comparisons and the production of annual regional summaries. The countries tentatively chosen for the first batch are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, but the final choice will depend on the availability of partners and sponsors for the survey work. APPC is currently seeking such partners in the countries in question among investment groups and financial institutions providing philanthropy and wealth management services, as well as organizations conducting similar studies who are willing to have their data included in APPC’s annual regional reports.

Increased knowledge will encourage more non-profit institutions to consider individual giving in developing a homegrown supply of funding resources. Information on giving patterns from indigenous sources will also provide invaluable guidance to those seeking to offer technical assistance to the philanthropic sector.

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