Asia’s social economy heats up 

The social economy will be crucial if Asia’s projected economic growth is to be distributed to reduce rather than increase present inequalities. The Asia Development Bank calculates that by 2050, the rise in the continent’s per capita income could make ‘some 3 billion additional Asians affluent by current standards’.   

At its annual conference in Bangkok in June, AVPN launched the Social Investment Landscape in Asia, an attempt to chart the social investment sector through the great range of organizations and circumstances in 14 countries across the continent.  

In two volumes, one covering North and South Asia, the other South-East Asia, the report sets out the 14 countries’ development ‘vital statistics’ – GDP, SDG dashboard rating, labour force, governance, infrastructure, digital access ratings and so forth – as well as the main development challenges the countries face and the state of social investment in each. 

It finds social economies in all stages of development, from the nascent to the mature, starting with Cambodia with a mere 92 social enterprises to India with two million.

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