Bolivian civil society strong despite adverse operating environment

Bolivia has a vibrant civil society, with high levels of citizen participation, especially during times of social conflict, according to the CIVICUS Civil Society Index Report on the country. The research, conducted by CIVICUS and country partners Centre for Peasants’ Research and Development and Catholic Relief Services Bolivia, also found that the structure of civil society in Bolivia is considered fairly strong and the impact of its actions relatively significant. The environment in which it functions, however, is felt to be generally unfavourable.
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Report on Iberian contribution to Latin American NPOs
The Spanish-based Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset (IUO&G) has launched a report on the contribution of Spanish and Portuguese organizations to non-profit activities in Latin America. The report, Coordinated Information. Effective Cooperation. An informative project on the cooperation of Spain and Portugal with Latin America, identifies the various actors from the philanthropic, corporate and non-profit sectors in the Iberian peninsula that help support Latin American non-profit organizations, and describes their funding policies, amounts and allocations. The report will be available shortly on the IUO&G website.

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