First UK Fellows for Ashoka

After 18 months of fundraising, relationship-building and search, social entrepreneur network Ashoka has elected its first four UK-based Fellows, individuals with system-changing ideas and the potential for transforming their particular field.
They are:
Al Harris, a London-based marine conservationist who is realizing an innovative model to roll out community-managed marine protected areas in Madagascar.
Bob Paterson, who is developing a new approach to the creation of affordable housing through the development of Community Land Trusts.
Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of Kids Company, who is helping the most vulnerable children to re-engage with society and reduce their destructive behaviour.
Faisel Rahman, founder of Fair Finance, who is working to redefine concepts of financial exclusion and place disadvantaged individuals at the centre of service provision.
In addition, Ashoka has been supporting London-born Brazilian Fellow Luke Dowdney, whose project, Fight for Peace, has recently been replicated in East London. Dowdney provides practical alternatives to crime for children and youth in disadvantaged communities.
Once Fellows are elected, Ashoka provides them with a fourfold support structure so that they may take their ideas to scale. It includes seed financing (Ashoka provides Fellows with a living stipend typically for three years); pro bono professional support from Ashoka’s commercial partners in areas such as business planning and public relations; membership of a worldwide network of leading social entrepreneurs which fosters collaboration nationally and internationally; and access to members of the Ashoka Support Network (ASN), a global network of successful individuals who are committed to supporting the development of Ashoka Fellows.
Ashoka and the Fellows it elects are funded through membership subscriptions to the Ashoka Support Network from business entrepreneurs, investment bankers, lawyers, management consultants, other professionals, and people in the private equity and venture capital world. Ashoka also receives funding from private foundations.
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