Celebrities unite to fight poverty and exclusion

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, actor and film producer Daddy Yankee has launched Corazón Guerrero (Warrior Heart), a private foundation which aims to help reintegrate ex-prisoners into society. The foundation is supported by investments from the artist and seeks to create strategic alliances among all sectors to promote high-impact social investments. The foundation will organize educational workshops and implement programmes to help young ex-prisoners make the transition back into society.

In addition, Dominican Republic singer Juan Luis Guerra said on 24 June in Washington that he would be part of the ‘I love America’ campaign promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank, featuring artists Ricky Martin, Juanes and Shakira as promoters of social change as well as mass entertainment idols. Juan Luis Guerra, creator of the foundation that bears his name, is working in the Dominican Republic to create a burns unit for children and will promote this initiative in other countries.

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