Cemefi: Survey charts volunteering in Mexico

The book La Acción Solidaria de los Mexicanos, una aproximación (Solidarity actions in Mexico) presents the key findings of the National Survey of Solidarity Actions and Volunteering (ENSAV, 2012), developed by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Sobre Sociedad Civil (Research Centre for Civil Society – CIESC) to chart the dimensions of volunteering among the Mexican population.

The survey addresses questions such as: where and when do Mexicans participate in volunteer activities? Do they carry out acts of volunteering through an organization or on a more informal basis? What kinds of volunteering activities do they prefer? Who participates the most?

The survey demonstrates that education is the main arena for volunteering, both formal and informal, followed by the church and the community or neighbourhood. People in younger age groups tend to volunteer more than older people, and women tend to volunteer more than men.

The activities they participate in are also different, with women concentrating mainly on activities related to health and childcare and men participating more in sports and recreation as well as political parties and unions. The southern region seems to be more supportive than the centre, and there is a direct correlation between the level of education and the amount of volunteering; the same is true with the level of religiosity.

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