March 2013

Resilience investing

Volume 18 , Number 1

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March 2013

Resilience investing

Volume 18 , Number 1

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The economies of the BRICS and MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey) countries are growing much faster than their western counterparts, but is philanthropy keeping pace? This is the question posed by the special feature in the March issue of Alliance, with guest editors Filiz Bikmen and Maria Chertok. It includes articles looking at the role being played by corporate philanthropy in different countries; innovations in philanthropy in Asia; trends in China over the past year; new forms of African philanthropy; the distinctive contribution of community philanthropy; and where donors go for advice. It also features interviews with eminent philanthropists Güler Sabancı of Turkey and Russia’s Vladimir Potanin, one of 12 billionaires from outside the US who have just signed up to the Giving Pledge.

The March issue of Alliance also includes opinion pieces on why ‘mission’ investing should be the only kind of investing done by private foundations; why foundations should be shareholder activists; and why more and better research will help foundations respond to challenging times ahead. Plus further interviews, articles, reviews, conference reports and global updates.

Published as part of this issue of Alliance is a special supplement on the finalists for the 2013 Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize, giving brief profiles and interviews with each. Please support the nominees by casting your vote for the winner of the Prize. The outcome of this public vote will be one factor in the judges’ final decision.

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Special feature

New horizons

1 March 2013
Filiz Bikmen

The economic boom of BRICS and MINT countries coupled with the unequal distribution of this growth presents new opportunities and challenges for philanthropy in emerging markets. Among them are different approaches to giving, lukewarm relationships with civil society organizations (CSOs), hesitation about funding ‘unpopular’ issues and the arduous task of building the field of philanthropy. In light of the observations of contributors to this issue, which trends appear to be affecting philanthropic ecosystems in emerging …


New horizons for maturing philanthropy sectors

The topic of the special feature in this issue of Alliance is philanthropy in emerging markets. This is a topic we come back to often. Two previous special features, in March 2007 and December 2009, have been devoted to it, and numerous articles in between. So what is different about this one? The most obvious and most sad difference is that Olga Alexeeva is not the guest editor this time, as she was for the other two. It has been a pleasure working with Filiz Bikmen and Maria Chertok on this special feature, but I know neither of them will …


Networking is our DNA

Maria Orejas-Chantelot

I read with great interest the December special feature on ‘Networks and philanthropy’, which explored many theories on how networks …

Strategic and networked?

Marc Pfitzer

The special feature on ‘Networks and philanthropy’ in the December issue of Alliance was kicked off with a lively debate …

Funding for innovation

Pier Mario Vello

I read Caroline Hartnell’s editorial in the December issue of Alliance with the utmost interest, as well as Geoffrey West, …

Shopping or investing?

Cliff Prior

The December 2012 editorial quotes Mark Hecker of Reach Incorporated saying, ‘It has become commonplace for funders … to require …

Where do social media come in?

David Wilcox

The excellent December magazine issue and breakfast club meeting highlighted the fact that in order to tackle big social issues …

Getting your non-dues

John Pepin

The article ‘Worth the membership dues?’ in the last issue of Alliance rightly identifies the value of associations and points …

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