Connecting foundations with OECD policymakers

Over the last decade, non-state actors have become increasingly important in the development arena. The fast-changing dynamics of development and its landscape, with non-state actors including foundations playing an increasing and pivotal role, call for innovative thinking on development strategies. Consequently, in October 2012, the OECD Development Center officially launched the Global Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) with a mission to accelerate the impact of philanthropy for development.

NetFWD will achieve its mission through the sharing of experiences and lessons learned, policy influence and the development of innovative partnerships. The objective is to collectively find solutions to the current development challenges linked to project implementation, effectiveness, impact and sustainable results.

NetFWD will facilitate synergies between foundations, building on innovative approaches and experiences, and foster linkages and policy dialogue between foundations and policymakers in order to jointly shape the international development agenda. With their expertise and field insight, foundations have an important role to play in the global development debate. NetFWD helps them to gain further legitimacy and bring them closer to the decision-makers shaping the world of today and tomorrow.

Some prominent foundations from OECD and non-OECD countries are already among netFWD’s founding members, allowing an inclusive and cross-regional approach.

NetFWD’s next plenary meeting will take place on 4 April in Paris, followed by OECD’s main development event, the Global Forum on Development (GFD), which promotes dialogue between OECD and non-OECD member countries, the private sector and civil society. It will focus on ‘Innovative Approaches to Poverty Reduction, Social Cohesion and Progress in the 21st Century’. This will be the first in a series of three forums over the next three years focusing on the theme of ‘Preparing for the Post-2015 World’.

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