Cemefi’s XV Third Sector Research Congress

It’s been 15 years since the first Third Sector Research Congress hosted by Cemefi along with more than 13 national universities. Through this time, the Congress has promoted the generation of knowledge in the field, providing researchers and practitioners with an opportunity to share and analyse experiences, both from the academic perspective and from the practical experience of civil society organizations, and more recently, government institutions as well. 

The XV Third Sector Research Congress took place in the colonial city of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato. The topic was Social Tissue and Legality Culture: Building or rebuilding? The setting gave participants the opportunity not only to learn and analyse the contents of the 67 research studies presented throughout the programme, but also to visit cultural sites, which enriched the experience and provided a sense of the local culture.

Cemefi Congreso Invest 1


The Congress included two main conferences: Alliances for rebuilding social tissue, and Civil society as actor and promoter of legality culture.

Researchers, along with civil society leaders and representatives from government institutions, shared findings, methods, challenges and innovation models to strengthen civil society organizations, government actions and citizen participation. They also discussed how to improve safety, services and resources as well as reduce social inequity and achieve better life conditions. More than 200 participants attended.

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