CIVICUS – Civil Society Index team continues work on global civil society

Following publication of the two volumes of the CIVICUS Global Survey of the State of Civil Society last year, the CIVICUS Civil Society Index team continues to be involved in a variety of activities and projects to chronicle, gauge and strengthen the work of civil society around the world.

In an effort to provide accessible information to civil society experts, researchers, and the public at large, the team has developed a comprehensive Civil Society Index online database, which provides data on each of the indicators for the respective countries that completed the Civil Society Index project.

The team has also issued another ‘call for statements of interest’ from partner organizations interested in implementing the CIVICUS Civil Society Index. Participants will be selected on the basis of having the capacity to convene civil society at national level and experience in advocacy and research. Actual implementation starts in May 2008 and will run until the first half of 2009.

Finally, the team organized a four-day Civil Society Index African implementation workshop at the end of January 2008, which drew participants from Botswana, Guinea-Conakry, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal and Tanzania. The aim of the workshop was to train the respective national Index teams. Bringing the different teams together provided an excellent opportunity for them to engage in discussions on their experience and understanding of the implementation of the Civil Society Index. The training also reinvigorated interest, cooperation and commitment between the various teams. The teams are now equipped to set up mechanisms to monitor civil society in their respective countries with the objective of implementing the Civil Society Index project.

In effect, these activities of the Civil Society Index Team have repositioned the Civil Society Index and CIVICUS to respond in an adequate manner to the challenges and changing dynamics of global civil society.

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