CIVICUS – Communications strategy takes shape

CIVICUS continues to work towards popularizing its message for a world in which the voices and efforts of citizens are respected and encouraged, and more importantly to inform, educate and strengthen civil society participation worldwide. In order to achieve this, CIVICUS has implemented a more dynamic communications plan. The nature of CIVICUS’s work means that communications is itself very much part of our programmatic output.
CIVICUS is an international alliance, with more than 600 members in 110 countries. The term CIVICUS is not an acronym but means ‘of the town’ or ‘of the community’ in Latin. The various colours of the revised logo seek to convey a simple message of solidarity and unity in the face of cultural diversity.

CIVICUS publications

The CIVICUS website has been redesigned to make it as user-friendly and engaging as possible. From February 2003, will contain news and information about ongoing CIVICUS programmes, including resources and opportunities for civil society organizations (CSOs). One can now become a CIVICUS member by simply logging into the ‘Join CIVICUS’ icon.

CIVICUS will distribute its electronic newsletter e-CIVICUS twice a month. This now comes in an easy-to-read Word format, and contains news briefs and features on various issues confronting CSOs worldwide plus classifieds. Subscription is free – please email You may also download it as a PDF file from the CIVICUS website.

Civil Society Watch is the new bi-monthly print newsletter of CIVICUS. Formerly known as CIVICUS World, this now comes in a full-colour tabloid format. Each edition will focus on a theme and will include opinion articles and interesting stories on CSOs around the world. This is available free to CIVICUS members and for a nominal subscription fee to non-members.

CIVICUS publications all come in English, but efforts are being made to have them translated into Spanish, French and Arabic.

For more information, contact Carol Manuel-Ubaldo at

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