CIVICUS – CSI country report: unlocking the challenges faced by civil society in Armenia

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, working in collaboration with Counterpart International Armenia, has produced a comprehensive report on the state of civil society in Armenia. More than 25 Armenian CSOs, along with members of the nation’s judiciary system, government, media and private sector, have contributed to the report. The Analytical Country Report for Armenia is in the 2008-10 phase of the Civil Society Index (CSI) project.

The CSI is an action-research project that aims to assess the state of civil society in countries around the world. The Armenia report is based on a variety of research sources, including three quantitative surveys and five case studies that examine different dimensions of civil society – civic engagement, level of organization, practice of values and the external environment. It reveals that while there are challenges for civil society in Armenia, including issues related to corruption, weak social capital and political patronage, there are also grounds for optimism. The study shows the evolution of state and private sector partnerships with civil society and a consolidation of management systems, membership networks and communicationsCIVICUS_Armenia access for CSOs.

The complete report, titled Armenia Civil Society: From transition to consolidation, can be found on the CIVICUS CSI site. The CSI project has been implemented in over 56 countries since it began in 2003.

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