Cemefi: Conferences on volunteering for social change 

In November 2016, Cemefi hosted two major conferences: the 24th World Volunteer Conference and 8th World Youth Volunteer Conference, both organized in partnership with the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).  

Enthusiastic delegates at the World Youth Volunteer Conference.

The main topic of both was ‘Volunteering for social change’ – considering volunteering as a means to create synergies, combine the efforts and talents of individuals towards the achievement of common goals, allow personal learning and skills, and to remind us of our ability to make a real difference in social issues. Both conferences started by highlighting volunteering activities in areas such as community development, health, arts and culture, and environmental care, among others.

The main conference was held in Mexico City and brought together 991 participants from 51 countries. Plenary speakers such as Kumi Naidoo and Salil Shetty raised awareness and inspired participants to take action.

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