Council on Foundations – Vikki Spruill addresses Cemefi’s 25th anniversary conference

Last November, Council on Foundations president and CEO Vikki Spruill addressed the 25th anniversary conference of Cemefi in Mexico City. The Council and Cemefi have had a strong partnership since Cemefi’s founding in 1988. In her speech, she reflected on Cemefi’s contributions to global philanthropy, outlined the Council’s approach to global philanthropy, and promoted the value of place-based giving. Spruill (pictured) also outlined the Council’s ongoing approach to global philanthropy:
Vikki Spruill• The Council will build stronger partnerships with global philanthropic organizations to better inform its own members about work being done abroad and connect its members with international grantmakers.
• The Council will promote philanthropy as a key component of global civil society.
• The Council will continue to serve as a resource to its counterparts abroad.
• The Council will engage its international partners and philanthropic colleagues with humility.

Spruill emphasized the importance of furthering the Council’s partnerships in philanthropy and across sectors to solve global challenges. She also expressed hope that the next 25 years will be known as a period of unprecedented international cooperation and collaboration in the philanthropic community.

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