Edge Funders: Philanthropy and the power to change a broken system

Can philanthropy recognize and address the systemic nature of the multiple crises we face today, and spur system change? Can we continue to operate in a field made possible by a concentration of wealth and power, and support structural reforms that can strengthen democracy, change the rules, and build the new?

Delegates at the Just Giving conference 2016 in Berkeley, April 2016.

Delegates at the Just Giving conference 2016 in Berkeley, April 2016.

These were central questions addressed by 250 donors, funders and civil society allies at this year’s Just Giving conference, organized by EDGE Funders Alliance in California.

After its recent transatlantic expansion and the establishment of a European secretariat, in 2017 EDGE will host its annual conference for the first time in Europe. The conference, co-chaired by Chung-Wha Hong (Grassroots International) and Donal Mac Fhearraigh (Open Society Initiative for Europe), will take place in Barcelona on 25–28 April 2017.

It will build on EDGE’s recent work around the Just Transition, and explore the question of system change in particular through the lenses of power, privilege and emancipatory struggles. The experience of Spanish and Catalonian social movements, particularly strong and dynamic in building systemic alternatives, will be deeply woven into the conference design.

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