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News Edge Funders 5 September 2017

FundAction: giving grantmaking power to activists  

The question of power is central to philanthropy: Who decides about the allocation of funds? While social movements and activists have been calling for more participatory decision-making processes and new types of collaboration with funders for …

News Edge Funders 7 March 2017

Edge Funders: Shake the foundations! 

Last April, funders and movement partners gathered at the EDGE Conference in Berkeley, California to participate in an Engagement Lab on regenerative finance and equity-based strategies across grants and investments. Out of these conversations was …

News Edge Funders 29 November 2016

Edge Funders: Philanthropy and the power to change a broken system

Can philanthropy recognize and address the systemic nature of the multiple crises we face today, and spur system change? Can we continue to operate in a field made possible by a concentration of wealth and …

Conference reports Edge Funders and Tobias Troll 22 July 2016

Building the home for systemic change philanthropy

While sports-loving Europe was fixed on Paris because of the finals of the EuroCup, the European members of the EDGE Funders Alliance (‘Engaged Donors for Global Equity’) gathered not far from the French capital to …

News Edge Funders 8 July 2016

Insights from Just Giving 2016: Newly published conference report

This April, 250 donors, funders, and civil society allies came together for the 16th Annual Just Giving conference to deepen our mutual understanding of Just Transition narratives and practice. This was a very different Just …

News Edge Funders 7 June 2016

Edge Funders: Build the new

Can philanthropy recognize and address the systemic nature of the multifaceted crises we face? Can those of us working within a field that exists because of a concentration of wealth and power use our resources …