EFC – Foundation Week to take foundations’ work to wider audience

A wide variety of activities, from debates about the role of foundations in society to cultural activities and exhibitions showcasing the impact of foundations’ work, is scheduled to take place during the first-ever EFC Foundation Week, from 31 May to 4 June in Brussels. Entitled ‘Foundation Week: Foundations’ Work’, the week aims to connect foundations with the public, European Union policy and decision makers, and other stakeholders so that each can learn from the others about matters affecting Europe and its citizens.

During the first three days, a series of free public debates will discuss topics as diverse as safeguarding biodiversity; developing global sustainability criteria; religious plurality and its implications for social cohesion; and challenges to peace and security. Others will tackle the role of foundations in developing the social justice movement and becoming drivers of social change in Europe, and foundations’ contribution to funding sciences for sustainable development.

Running throughout the week, and open to all visitors, will be a series of exhibitions, films and cultural activities illustrating the full range of foundations’ work. One highlight will be the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s exhibition on the life and work of Charles Darwin.

The 21st EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference will also take place during the week, from 2 to 4 June. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘a conversation with the institutions’. Sessions will engage with EU representatives on various challenges facing Europe, as well as legal and fiscal matters such as the European Foundation Statute and the steps necessary to make it a reality. Other sessions will address foundation sector operational topics such as dealing with the media, measuring impact, and models for cooperation with the EU and other stakeholders.

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EFCEffect to focus on foundations and EU institutions

With the European Commission set to present its ‘EU 2020’ strategy this spring, the EFC’s Effect magazine is delving into the issues surrounding foundations and their role in Europe, and vis-à-vis the EU institutions. The summer 2010 issue will look at why the EU matters to foundations across Europe; where we are with the European Foundation Statute; what the Lisbon Treaty means for Europe’s role in the world, and how this might affect foundations’ work; and how foundations engaging in advocacy work at EU level has real impact on the ground. Other articles will cover various points of entry for working with the EU and foundations’ experiences of receiving EU funding and managing EU funds.

This edition of Effect, to be published in April 2010, will complement the EFC’s Foundation Week.

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