Exponent Philanthropy: New guide to impact investing for small‑staffed foundations

A new resource is now available to help small-staffed foundations better understand how to harness the massive potential of impact investing. Essentials of Impact Investing: A guide for small-staffed foundations was released this autumn by Exponent Philanthropy, Mission Investors Exchange, and Arabella Advisors. ExponentOhilanthropyEssentials of Impact Investing

By using return-seeking investments to pursue solutions to social problems, foundations of all types and sizes are putting new resources to work, often alongside grants. They are making investments across all asset classes and along the entire spectrum of risk and return.

Small‑staffed foundations can use the guide as a resource to revisit current investment strategies or create new ones, inspire and inform board members, encourage others to co-invest with them, and more. It is designed to help dispel misperceptions and provide practical guidance on how to effectively and efficiently leverage this innovative and increasingly popular strategy.

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