Exponent Philanthropy: Seven new guides for engaging teens in philanthropy

Many philanthropic entities – from foundations to giving circles to charitable families – realize the value of involving young people in giving. It can bring new perspectives and energy to your philanthropy, develop the next generation of givers, and be very rewarding for all involved. 

In fact, in Exponent Philanthropy’s annual member survey, board/generational succession was top of mind for its foundation members – and has been for six of the eight years the question was asked.

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Together with its partners at the Frieda C Fox Family Foundation and its Youth Philanthropy Connect initiative, Exponent Philanthropy has introduced seven teen-oriented guides in a ‘Teen Philanthropy Café’ series designed to educate and engage teens and young adults.

Developed with guidance and feedback from youth engaged in philanthropy, the series introduces young people to strategic, thoughtful philanthropy, and inspires them towards giving with impact. Families and adults who work with young people can use the guides to facilitate meaningful discussions and activities on:

  • Grantmaking
  • Collaboration in philanthropy
  • The path to impact
  • Leadership for a changing world
  • The non-profit universe
  • Thoughtful site visits
  • Using your voice

To download the guides

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