Foundation Center/European Foundation Centre – GrantCraft goes global

Grantmakers from around the world rely on GrantCraft for practical wisdom and collective knowledge. Now it has even more to offer to the global philanthropy community, with new tools designed to help grantmakers hone their craft and be more effective.

grantcraftGrantCraft in Arabic
The Arab Foundations Forum, in partnership with the John D Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement at the American University in Cairo, has adapted 14 GrantCraft guides and GrantCraft’s ‘Map of the Craft’ for Arabic-language organizations and individuals. These Arabic translations complement the resources available to grantmakers in German, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese, and are indicative of the increasingly global perspective that fuels the breadth and relevance of GrantCraft.

Learning when there’s no time to learn
Grantmakers will also be able to benefit from a new publication that offers sound advice on how to build learning into the culture of a foundation, while still successfully navigating the time-consuming and demanding nature of the work.

Scanning the landscape in today’s world
Based on feedback from the community, the GrantCraft guide on Finding Out What’s Going On In Your Field will be updated to reflect the changing – and increasingly digital – landscape of the sector. This revised guide will highlight the value of cutting-edge tools like the Foundation Center’s own Philanthropy In/Sight® as well as insights gleaned from the practice of European foundations.

Now under the joint leadership of the Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre, GrantCraft is poised to build on the strength of its first ten years at the Ford Foundation and support the important work of a dynamic and diverse community of grantmakers.

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