Foundation Center – Latest issue-based web portal is launched

The Foundation Center has launched a new web portal ( to serve as a hub of information and resources for funders working around the world to improve water access, sanitation and hygiene – commonly referred to as WASH. provides free access to a broad set of resources for funders, practitioners and policymakers, including:

  • a mapping tool that enables users to interact with data on international aid flows, foundation funding, and key development indicators;
  • profiles documenting the WASH strategies of leading foundations;
  • case studies illustrating the successes and challenges of WASH projects around the world;
  • tools for assessing project outcomes;
  • a searchable archive of research reports recommended by sector leaders.

These knowledge tools are designed to facilitate better collaboration and more strategic decision-making among funders. The Foundation Center’s issue-based web portals, of which this is the newest, all address a critical challenge in philanthropy – knowing who is funding what and where – so that the community of funders can more effectively, and collectively, meet global challenges. not only serves as a model of how the Foundation Center can empower donors to be more effective; it also raises awareness of philanthropy’s contribution to making a better world.

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