Foundation Center – New partnership to build global data platform

In a new partnership between the Foundation Center and Development Gateway, the two organizations will link their expertise in global philanthropy and global development to produce a clearer picture of international aid flows. Data from both organizations will power online platforms that will make collaboration among foundations, foreign aid agencies and non-profits more efficient and effective.

Development Gateway, an independent non-profit based in Washington DC, uses technology to deliver information to people on the front lines of international development work. Its partnership with the Foundation Center will fill gaps in knowledge for those working on solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Better information about what the various actors – governments, philanthropists and organizations on the ground – are doing can lead to better coordination of efforts, reduction of overlap, and identification of gaps in underserved areas, thereby ensuring that scarce resources for international development are used as effectively as possible.

The Foundation Center maintains the most comprehensive body of current information on the activities of organized philanthropy. Its Foundation Center 2020 plan recognizes that changes in the information industry present opportunities for providing ever wider access to the data it collects, ultimately empowering donors to make more informed decisions. The new partnership with Development Gateway is in line with the Center’s stated priority to build the global data platform for philanthropy.

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