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The Foundation Center continues to break new ground in philanthropic research in partnership with grantmaker networks, providing essential knowledge for strategic decision-making and improving the practice of philanthropy.  

Foundation_Center_coverThe first study of its kind, Foundation Funding for Hispanics/Latinos in the United States and for Latin America was published recently by the Foundation Center in collaboration with Hispanics in Philanthropy, a transnational network of more than 600 grantmakers committed to strengthening Latino communities across the Americas. The report reveals that US foundation giving explicitly designated to benefit Hispanics and Latinos domestically has remained virtually unchanged over the past decade, averaging 1 per cent of total foundation giving, even though the Hispanic population in the US has grown significantly over the same period. The report also looks at US foundation giving for Latin America and finds that Mexico and Brazil received the largest proportion of those grant dollars.
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People with disabilities
Later this year, the Foundation Center will publish a first-ever report on US foundation grantmaking that benefits people with disabilities. The study will be conducted in cooperation with the Disabilities Funders Network and will examine changes in overall levels of funding over a decade as well as analysing giving patterns.

Human rights
Also in 2012, the Foundation Center will analyse grantmaking for human rights issues for the first time. A report of the findings will be published in cooperation with the International Human Rights Funders Group and will be accompanied by a custom interactive grants database modelled on the Center’s Philanthropy In/Sight® mapping tool.

All three of these projects reflect the Foundation Center’s ongoing commitment to increasing understanding of the scope, relevance and benefits of philanthropy. The Center also hopes that such studies will encourage foundations to improve the quality of their own data when it comes to the subject focus of their grants, the beneficiary populations and geographic area served.

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