Grantmakers without Borders – Advancing social justice at Just Giving conference

Since 2001, Grantmakers without Borders has organized an annual Just Giving conference – a gathering of globally minded foundations, individual donors, global southern activists and allies in philanthropy. This year’s conference is being co-organized with the Funders Network for Transforming the Global Economy (FNTG). We believe that combining GwoB’s dedication to advancing social change philanthropy with FNTG’s focus on the systemic and global nature of the challenges facing international and domestic funders will broaden the scope and deepen the nature of our conversations.

This is an important time for all of us concerned with social justice around the world. Throughout the globe, cultural, moral and political imaginations are expanding, and social movement momentum is building. In communities throughout the global South and in the US and Europe, a growing sense of urgency is accompanied by renewed hope and action. Young people in particular are reawakening to the notion that fundamental change is not only necessary but also possible.

Philanthropy seems similarly ready to rethink and to shift, to meet today’s challenges more boldly. This September, GwoB and FNTG will come together to explore these exciting developments, to better understand how grassroots communities are responding to the many challenges they face, and to discuss how our grantmaking practices are making a difference.

In the spirit of the moment, special efforts will be made to broaden further the array of donors, funders and philanthropic allies the conference will bring together. The 2012 Just Giving conference, convening 5-7 September in Berkeley, California, is open to representatives from grantmaking organizations from around the world. Please join us!

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