Impact Investing Collaborative launched

The Rockefeller Foundation has launched the Rockefeller Impact Investing Collaborative, a global network of investors seeking to make investments that will generate both social value and financial returns. Efficiently matching these sources of capital to the entrepreneurs who can deploy it effectively could significantly help in implementing commercially viable solutions to many social problems and unlock substantial new capital for the social sector.

Launched in October 2007, the Collaborative’s network includes investment managers of family offices, pension funds, large investment banks, boutique banks and intermediation innovators. Members represent tens of billions of dollars aimed at a range of impact investments. Despite their diverse backgrounds and investment philosophies, they share a conviction that investments can generate social impact.

Members have set up three project teams to:

Create a coordinated approach to investments that provide environmentally sustainable economic opportunities for rural populations with the objective of catalysing the deployment of commercial capital into the sector.

Design accepted social impact standards to reduce the prohibitive transaction costs for impact investors, facilitate syndication, and increase the efficiency with which impact investment capital is deployed.

Develop targeted investment banking capabilities for impact investors that can intermediate capital efficiently, structure deals, and provide relevant research and evaluation functions.

The Rockefeller Foundation is supporting project management, communication and coordination for the Collaborative, broadening the network, and orchestrating its integration with both foundation and external initiatives. The Collaborative will reconvene in June 2008 to gauge support for implementing proposals from the three project teams. The meeting will also provide a forum for developing a more systematic and independent structure that can drive the efficient growth of the emerging impact investing sector.

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