Localization of Eurasia Foundation Network partners complete

In November, the Eurasia Foundation completed the third and final phase of its plan to indigenize the governance, management and staff of its representative offices. The resultant new organizations, the Eurasia Foundation Partnership, covering Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the East Europe Foundation, covering Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, will join sister organizations, the New Eurasia Foundation in Russia and Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, established in 2004 and 2006 respectively, to form the Eurasia Foundation Network.

Operations will be completely transferred to the local entities by the first quarter of 2008. Each has its own board and is an independent legal entity. Initially, Eurasia Foundation will make core grants to them as they build their donor base and reach out to local philanthropists, governments, etc. Eurasia Foundation has always received wide support from governments around the world, and this is expected to continue at both the network and local levels.

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