Mexican Center for Philanthropy: New platforms boost social investment

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) is proud to announce the launch of two platforms aimed at strengthening civil society organizations and creating liaisons with corporate funding programmes.

The social investment platform (PLADIS) is designed to link two important groups – civil society organizations who have gained accreditation in institutionalism and transparency standards, and socially responsible corporations who have committed to donate 1 per cent of their profits before tax to good causes.

Accredited civil society organizations are invited to upload projects that respond to corporations’ interests. The projects are classified by, among other things, topic, geographic area, population, social cause, cost, stages, benefits and sustainability.

Corporations can select projects suitable for funding, corporate volunteering or in-kind donations. The system allows follow-up on the selected projects and organizations.

The second platform is a tool for civil society organizations seeking to obtain the Institutionalism and Transparency Accreditation (AIT). More than 700 civil society organizations have already obtained this badge. The platform will enable organizations to apply for accreditation for the first time, or to renew accreditation. Organizations are asked to answer a questionnaire on their practices and upload the compliance documents.  Once the evidence is reviewed, the organization is awarded a badge that can be used as part of its corporate image, and is allowed to upload projects onto the social investment platform.

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