New findings from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

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The revenue base of civil society organizations varies widely among different fields. According to data on 33 countries generated by the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project:

· Fees are the major source of income for the largest number of fields, though the nature of the fees differs from field to field. Thus membership dues are most important for professional organizations, environmental groups, civic organizations and recreation groups; rents and other property income are most important for housing and development organizations; and tuition fees play the major role in the case of education.

· For health and social service organizations, the largest components of the non-profit sector, government tends to be the major source of income, accounting on average for 50 per cent of income for the former and 42 per cent for the latter.

· In just two fields – religion and international – is private philanthropy the major source of non-profit revenue

For more information see Salamon and Sokolowski (2004) Global Civil Society: Dimensions of the nonprofit sector, Volume II Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

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