A new global picture of organizations serving philanthropy

Organizations serving philanthropy are key to developing and increasing the impact of philanthropy, but they are relatively unknown, rarely identified as a sector, and their crucial contribution is often overlooked.

In an effort to develop knowledge and awareness of philanthropy infrastructure, WINGS has launched the second edition of its Global Picture of organizations serving philanthropy at WINGSForum 2017. The only study that looks at the state of this field globally, the report presents a new global picture of philanthropy infrastructure organizations, and reflects on how the field can grow and strengthen its impact.

Results show that the field of infrastructure started growing in the 1990s and reached a peak during the 2000s, but seems to be stabilizing, as surveyed organizations do not report meaningful budget growth over the last few years when compared to the 2014 report.

The study also highlights the prominence of North American institutions, accounting for 80 per cent of expenditure on philanthropic infrastructure.

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