Private generosity to American non-profits restrained by distrust

Over half of the wealthy Americans responding to a recent philanthropy survey currently donate to non-profits and another 15 per cent say they plan to give soon. Primary motives for giving, according to the survey, Philanthropic Beliefs and Behaviours of the Wealthy, were ‘the opportunity to make changes in the world in important areas’ and ‘seeing a compelling example of great need’. However, the study, which was carried out by the Luxury Institute and Charles Maclean, founder of PhilanthropyNow, says even more would give but for distrust of non-profits.

Fifty-six per cent of those surveyed mentioned this issue, with 25 per cent making it their primary reason for not giving. One critical need cited was for the active engagement of community foundations, other non-profits, and financial advisers in providing philanthropic education for the wealthy. The survey was conducted among a nationwide sample of around 900 wealthy consumers with an average household income of $330,000 and average net worth of $2.4 million.

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