RedEAmerica launches programme to stimulate private social investment

Red Interamericana de Fundaciones y Acciones Empresariales para el Desarrollo de Base (Inter-American Network of Foundations and Business Actions for Grassroots Development – RedEAmérica) has launched a programme to foment private social investment in Latin America with the participation of 30 foundations in Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. The programme, which will involve investment of over USD8 million, will train some 750 organizations over a five-year period. In addition, around 80 projects will receive support and financing for organizational reinforcement and income generation. These projects have been co-financed by the IDB, foundations, and the grassroots organizations themselves.

In addition, this month, RedEAmérica and the Universidad Tecnológico de Monterrey (Technology University of Monterrey) of Mexico have launched the latest university course on private social investment in Latin America.

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