Selection of Trust partners in Poland and Hungary

The Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe has selected the Stefan Batory Foundation as its Polish partner organization to help fulfil the Trust objectives (see below).

In Hungary, however, the selection process was postponed in June 2002 because none of the proposals was satisfactory. The Trust therefore offered small grants to the group of NGOs participating in the process to help them develop proposals. It has now decided to proceed with three partner organizations, each of which will cover one of the three Trust objectives.

The Environmental Partnership Foundation will cover the first objective (supporting legal, fiscal and political environments in which civil society can flourish); the Civil Society Development Foundation will cover the second (strengthening the non-profit sector through institutional capacity-building); and Soros Foundation Hungary will provide an institutional grants programme covering the third objective of supporting the long-term financial sustainability of non-profit organizations.  The three organizations are currently preparing proposals.

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