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Three new publications from WINGS-CF (all on contribute to an understanding of the growing community foundation field. The 2005 Global Status Report on Community Foundations by Eleanor W Sacks sees 2004 as a watershed year when, at the Berlin Symposium (see, the ‘modern community foundation’, and its evolution from early examples in the US, was identified.

The report analyses the example of the UK, which first showed how the core community foundation concept could be successfully adapted to a context of giving traditions and state support very different from that of the US.

A report by Christine Forrester, WINGS-CF face-to-face meeting 2004, records a meeting last December of over 40 community foundation support organizations. It maps their support roles against different stages of community foundation evolution. WINGS-CF: beginning to record the history describes the emergence and achievements of WINGS-CF and some of the factors that have helped it to become a significant global network.

WINGS Coordinating Committee
Two new members have joined the Committee: Noshir Dadrawala, Executive Secretary of the Centre for the Advancement of Philanthropy, based in Mumbai, India; and Fernando Rossetti, Executive Director of GIFE, the association serving grantmakers in Brazil. Fernando was nominated to take the place of Rebecca Raposo, his predecessor. Noshir fills the vacancy left by Iftekhar Zaman, who stepped down from the Committee when he took up his post with the Bangladesh office of Transparency International.

The Committee hopes soon to publicize the choice of a new host for WINGS from the end of 2006, and also the date and location of the next global meeting for the WINGS network, probably in late 2006. This will be featured prominently on the WINGS website.

Peer learning
The second of this year’s peer learning events, to be held in Ottawa, Canada in late 2005, will look at public policy development and government relations. It will be jointly hosted by Community Foundations of Canada and Philanthropic Foundations Canada. The application process will be opened to all WINGS participants by August.

For more information on WINGS, contact Gaynor Humphreys, Director, at

WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support)
c/o European Foundation Centre
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Brussels B-1050 Belgium
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