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At the WINGSForum 2014, WINGS launched Infrastructure in Focus, a report focused on philanthropy infrastructure. It presents newly gathered information about WINGS network participants, and shares funder perspectives on how infrastructure organizations help them do their mission-driven work.

focusAfter surveying foundations from all regions, WINGS found that most consider all services provided by infrastructure organizations to be either ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’. Nevertheless peer learning, training and information services stand out, being perceived by foundations as the most useful services provided. Moreover, based on the responses, the benefits of philanthropy infrastructure organizations could be grouped into four categories – the ‘4 Cs’.

•    Capacity Providing services ranging from fundraising training to providing links to sources of money.
•    Capability Building skills on topics ranging from international grantmaking to risk management and evaluation.
•    Connection Creating a virtuous circle in which the connections reinforce the capacity of philanthropy organizations.
•    Credit Acting on behalf of the philanthropy field, building its profile, recognition and trust with governments and wider society.

As philanthropy infrastructure organizations come under pressure to better demonstrate their effectiveness, these categories could be the pillar of a framework to assess their value.

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