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Democracy and civic spaces in France: The need for specificity and action

Inga Wachsmann and Peter Matjašič 23 September 2020

Another article on shrinking space? When working together in philanthropy, we tend to have an awareness of our role and purpose in society; particularly when democracies are under strain in Europe. This is not something …

Why European funders need to be vigilant to keep their space open

Hanna Surmatz 18 August 2020

In ways big and small, European philanthropy contributes to the public good in the fields of research and innovation, education, health, environment, culture, international development, democracy or human rights just to name a few. Many …

Interview: David Biemesderfer, United Philanthropy Forum

Charles Keidan 21 April 2020

The United Philanthropy Forum (UPF) has brought together many of the US’s infrastructure bodies in a meta-network. Does its CEO, David Biemesderfer, see a European parallel in European philanthropy body, DAFNE? He sat down with …

Interview: Rana Kotan, TUSEV

Charles Keidan 7 April 2020

At the end of this year’s PEXforum in Madrid, it was announced that next year’s event will be held in Turkey. So it was an opportune moment for Charles Keidan to talk to Rana Kotan …

Interview: Alberto Alemanno, The Good Lobby

Charles Keidan 31 March 2020

Foundations have traditionally been shy about engaging with public authorities and lobbying decision-makers. Ironically, believes Alberto Alemanno, one of the effects is that philanthropy has indirectly contributed to the social divisions it often aspires to …