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Analysis Josiane Smith 8 November 2022

Reclaiming resilience: Building in redundancy, complexity and diversity for systems change

Reframing resilience in the context of harmful systems What if we conceived resilience in terms of thriving, rather than merely surviving? Philanthropy is well-placed to help lift the ambitions of actors to see resilience as …

Conference reports Kurt Peleman and Josiane Smith 31 August 2022

Let’s dive deep

So there we were, walking along the Bosphorus, talking about the past, exploring the present, and figuring out what to whisper into the future – grateful for the beauty and energy of Istanbul, and deeply …

Conference reports Josiane Smith 24 February 2021

PEX Forum 2021 – Philanthropy is stepping out, but into what?

At the time of writing, multiple contributors have already shared some excellent thoughts about the PEX Forum 2021, a 2-day virtual convening hosted by Ariadne, Dafne and SenseTribe, which brings together philanthropy support organisations to …

Conference reports Josiane Smith 23 March 2020

My three takeaways from the Losing Control Network Event

On Wednesday March 4 2020, funders, commissioners and local organisations from multiple sectors came together at The Abbey Centre in Westminster to re-imagine what supporting the process and practice of social change could be, not …