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19 September 2017
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Analysis 12 September 2017 For Subscribers

Keeping faith with the promise of a private foundation

Special feature 5 September 2017

Nothing about us without us – philanthropy’s diversity challenge

Analysis 29 August 2017 For Subscribers

Supporting European community foundations

Analysis 22 August 2017 For Subscribers

Finding the right path: One funder network’s journey toward racial justice

Latest issue: September 2017

Philanthropy's diversity challenge

Guest Editors: Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay

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Trust. Impact. Passion

19 September 2017
Sandra King

Trust. Impact. Passion. Three words ringing in my ears as I leave Cardiff following the inaugural European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) Conference and the UK Community Foundations Conference (UKCF). After …

Where is the new beginning?

18 September 2017
Kaja Petryka

I have such reflections after taking part in the European Conference of Community Foundations in Cardiff, which was organized in September by ECFI and UKCF. I participated in two sessions …

Paul G. Allen Philanthropy partners with NOAA for oceanographic climate change research

15 September 2017
Jacob Beck

With much turmoil surrounding the topic of climate change, the world seems uncertain about the effects on the environment. With that in mind, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, has embarked …

Foundations have public responsibilities – it’s time to improve their governance 

Special feature Sachin Sachdeva 5 September 2017

Most grantmaking organizations in India are registered as trusts and their governance is vested in a small group of people who are either friends or family of the founder. To date, this approach has not been contested. There was an …

Philanthropy reflects the elites not the streets 

Editorial Charles Keidan 5 September 2017

‘Nothing about us without us’ was a slogan coined by disability rights activists to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members of the …

The needle has swung the wrong way: it’s time for India’s philanthropy reckoning

Analysis Amitabh Behar 18 July 2017

Philanthropy needs and deserves more debate, critical thinking and scrutiny. The Philanthropy Thinker – a new online column launching in Alliance today –aims to offer perspectives from some of the …