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Why philanthropists should not fund the arts

15 April 2015
Timothy Ogden

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feature 2 March 2015

Why do dictators lock up the poets first?

21 Diana van Maasdijk hero image - credit Charles Hutchins
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Advisers’ perspective: The power of the purse

47 hero image sydneyoperahouse - credit paloetic
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Why fund the arts: because we like it?

22 VP in Arab region hero image FLDO (112)
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The beginnings of venture philanthropy in the Arab world

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Investing with the head and the heart: reflections from the AVPN conference

26 April 2015
Jenna Palumbo

Reflecting on my three days at the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) conference, held 20-23 April in Singapore, I was struck by the number of conversations that wrestled with seemingly …

Interview with Jane Wales at the Global Philanthropy Forum

24 April 2015
John Harvey

John Harvey spoke with Jane Wales on the occasion of this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum. John was especially keen to explore the Forum’s 15-year history and the lessons Jane has …

ONE WEEK MORE for nominations for Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize

23 April 2015
Alliance magazine

The closing date for nominations for the Third Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize is Thursday 30 April, so just a week to go. The prize will be awarded to an individual …

Christian Jacobs with Michael Meaney

Interview with Christian Jacobs

interview Christian Jacobs 5 January 2015

Twenty-five years ago, in 1989, Klaus Jacobs, the founder of many leading global companies such as Jacobs Suchard, Adecco and Barry Callebaut, established, together with his family, the Jacobs Foundation …

Assembly 69th session: Secretary-General’s Synthesis Report on the Post-2015

Community philanthropy and a new model of development

article 1 Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight 16 December 2014

What role can community philanthropy play in development post-2015? Comments on Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight’s article come from Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, the UK and the US. As discussion …

28 cover photo

Transitions: an opportunity like no other

feature Mark Freeman, Barbara Ibrahim and Hilary Pennington 1 December 2014

Following the January 2011 revolt in Tunisia against the regime of President Ben Ali, the country’s transition leaders adopted an open-door approach to foreign aid. An avalanche of mostly uncoordinated …