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20 years of Alliance: an insiders’ story

23 August 2016
Andrew Milner

The Nigardsbreen glacier in Norway has shrunk dramatically during the 20th century, as have most of the world's glaciers.
Analysis 2 August 2016 For Subscribers

Tyranny of the 2 per cent?

26 Nigardsbreen glacier
Special feature 7 June 2016

Foundation spending on climate change

Caption: EDVs should account for at least 75 per cent of car sales by 2050. 
Credit: EIGHT_emobility
Special feature 7 June 2016

The clean transport revolution

Without assistance from the rest of the world it is unlikely that the children now growing up in the atolls of the Pacific islands will grow old there.
Special feature 7 June 2016

Pacific Islands on the frontline of climate change

Latest issue: June 2016

Climate philanthropy after Paris

Guest Editors: Nnimmo Bassey and Terry Odendahl

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What can funders learn from Team GB’s Olympic gold rush?

25 August 2016
Tris Lumley and NPC

As the dust settles after another Olympics, many of us are left wondering how to fill our time now we can’t obsessively follow taekwondo and canoe slalom. Those of us …

We’re recruiting a new Communication and Circulation Officer

24 August 2016
Alliance magazine

An exciting opportunity to be a part of a charity organization supported by the world’s leading foundations. APT is an international publisher of third sector material, including Alliance magazine, a …

One year subscriptions for only £20!

23 August 2016
Alliance magazine

To mark our 20th anniversary, we are offering new subscribers the chance to join the Alliance community by offering both print and electronic only subscriptions for only £20!(RRP £89/£40). For …

Olga prize finalists 2015-1

Meet the 2016 Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize finalists

Analysis Alliance magazine 19 July 2016

We are delighted to announce the seven finalists for this year’s Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize. They come from Brazil, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa and their work extends throughout South …

Caption: Flooded road on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance, Germany, during the flooding of June 1999.

What’s next for climate philanthropy?

Analysis Charles Keidan 5 July 2016

Alliance’s summer edition looks at climate philanthropy after the Paris Agreement. This month’s Alliance Breakfast Club, held in association with the Oak Foundation, brought together foundation professionals, academics and NGO’s …

ARA92B A United Kingdom flag flying next to a European Union flag

What do Europeans think of British philanthropy?

Opinion Alliance magazine 14 June 2016

On 23 June 2016, the UK holds a referendum on whether to remain in or leave the European Union (EU). As highlighted in Alliance Extra, the vote is on the …