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Interview with Roshni Nadar

1 April 2015
Caroline Hartnell

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Foundations and the SDGs: the ‘conspicuous absentees’ speak out

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feature 2 March 2015

Why do dictators lock up the poets first?

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Time: the invisible asset?

44 Tate_Modern_et_Millennium_Bridge- Bernard Gagnon
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Why art and philanthropy are natural partners

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Campaign for foundations to divest from fossil fuels hots up

1 April 2015
Alliance magazine

On 16 March the UK’s Guardian newspaper launched its ‘Keep it in the ground’ campaign to persuade the world’s two biggest charitable funds, the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, …

Governance is no one else’s responsibility: reflections from the Indian Philanthropy Forum 2015

31 March 2015
Dasra and Amira Shah

After 68 years of independence, India continues to lag behind on all aspects of the human development index. Today, political discourse on religious lines no longer sways people because the …

Dasra Philanthropy Week 2015: From Good to Great Governance

27 March 2015
Shalni Arora

Good governance can be said to exist when the government is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the people, and when citizens trust that the day-to-day functions of …

Assembly 69th session: Secretary-General’s Synthesis Report on the Post-2015

Community philanthropy and a new model of development

article Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight 16 December 2014

What role can community philanthropy play in development post-2015? Comments on Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight’s article come from Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, the UK and the US. As discussion …

28 cover photo

Transitions: an opportunity like no other

feature Mark Freeman, Barbara Ibrahim and Hilary Pennington 1 December 2014

Following the January 2011 revolt in Tunisia against the regime of President Ben Ali, the country’s transition leaders adopted an open-door approach to foreign aid. An avalanche of mostly uncoordinated …

The inspiration for First Book came from the experience of volunteering at a soup kitchen

The trouble with transformation creep

opinion Michele Fugiel Gartner and Daniel Overall 1 December 2014

The mantra for transformative change has become ubiquitous. After all, who would opt for treating symptoms, often derisively labelled as applying band-aids, rather than striving for a cure? While the …