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A watershed moment for African philanthropy

18 August 2015
Tendai Murisa and Trust Africa

Cooling towers letting out steam and smoke at a coal-fired power station near Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK.
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Interview with Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund

Should 'pursuit of perpetuity' be the driving maxim?
feature 1 June 2015

Time for a new foundation for philanthropy

feature 1 June 2015

Growing pains: foundation accountability in emerging economies

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article 1 June 2015

Why we need a standalone SDG for women and girls

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Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean ‘migrants’

27 August 2015
Barry Malone

This post originally appeared on the Al Jazeera blog. The original article can be found here> Imagine waking your children in the morning. Imagine feeding and dressing them. Imagine pulling a …

Social impact bonds: made in Switzerland – finally!

24 August 2015
Heiko Specking

In 2010 the first social impact bond was launched in the UK. In its very nature this innovative structured fixed-income instrument proved the concept of realising a reasonable financial return …

So long, Caroline! A heartfelt farewell to Alliance magazine’s Caroline Hartnell

24 August 2015

Cross posted from the WINGS website. Original post here> This month marks the end of Caroline Hartnell’s tenure at Alliance magazine, and it brings us great pleasure to highlight her outstanding …

Thanks to the Biomimicry Institute, we appreciate that our species is anything but unique in its reliance on feedback. Perhaps few feedback loops are as striking as that between acacia trees and giraffes.

Feedback as democracy in social change practice

feature David Bonbright, Elizabeth Christopherson and Fadel Ndiame 1 June 2015

A huge shift is happening in the social sector. Dennis Whittle traces it all the way back to the birth of democracy in Greece circa 594 BCE. The people are …

30 Hero image option 1 LIFT Advocate helping create a resume with a Member

LIFT: The search for a predictive indicator

feature Alliance magazine 1 June 2015

Last year, LIFT started working with a man named Mr Assefa who, despite working full time, lives several thousand dollars below the US federal poverty line of just $28,410 annually …

31 hero image Digital Green - a video screening

Digital Green: Video-based learning within rural networks

feature Alliance magazine 1 June 2015

Digital Green’s video-enabled, knowledge–sharing work has smallholder farming communities at its core. Small farmers in low–income countries like India and Ethiopia typically make do with dated and abstract agricultural information …