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Should we be afraid?

19 January 2015
Andrew Milner

Christian Jacobs with Michael Meaney
interview 5 January 2015 For Subscribers

Interview with Christian Jacobs

28 cover photo
feature 1 December 2014

Transitions: an opportunity like no other

18 Ziqitza Health Care
opinion 1 December 2014 For Subscribers

Guiding philanthropists through their first impact investment

1412 - 22 MozambiqueIsland
article 1 December 2014 For Subscribers

Think global: emerging lessons from global community philanthropy

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Move to regulate foreign NGOs in China

28 January 2015
Karla Simon

In China the first attempt to enact a comprehensive legal framework regulating foreign NGOs is being carried out. This event has received a lot of attention from foreign media and …

Notes from the Field: Exploring New Models for Cross-Sector Collaboration

22 January 2015
Heather Grady

This article originally appeared on the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors’ website, on 8 January 2015. The original article can be found here> Heather Grady, Senior Fellow, Global Philanthropy, shares observations from her …

Why newborn survival should be on India’s CSR agenda

21 January 2015
Akhil Paliath and Dasra

The 2 per cent CSR mandate in the Companies Act, 2013 requires companies of a certain size in India to allocate  2 per cent of their average net profits from …


Interview: Nick Jenkins

interview Nick Jenkins 1 November 2014

If you think giving money away effectively will be easy, think again, says Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins. The easy stuff has been done, the ‘low-hanging fruit picked’. What’s left are …

Paula Fabiani speaking 2

Interview with Paula Jancso Fabiani

interview 2 Paula Jancso Fabiani 16 September 2014

At the beginning of September, Paula Jancso Fabiani took over from Marcos Kisil as president of Brazil’s Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS). She talks to Caroline Hartnell …

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People: philanthropy’s great strength

feature Samantha Gilbert, John Harvey and Wangsheng Li 1 September 2014

Pick up any edition of Alliance from the past few years, and one message is clear. In truly unprecedented ways, the global philanthropy sector is on the move, popping up …