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A conflict of interests: when foundations invest in arms and tobacco

21 November 2017
Laura Starita and Timothy Ogden

Analysis 14 November 2017 For Subscribers

Global corporations avoid millions in tax – and philanthropy is benefiting!

Interview 31 October 2017 For Subscribers

Interview: Michaela Wintrich of Hans Weisser Stiftung

Analysis 24 October 2017

Australian National Community Foundation Forum: the ‘SMIRF’ capital of community foundations

Analysis 17 October 2017

Alliance Breakfast Club – Philanthropy’s diversity challenge

Latest issue: September 2017

Philanthropy's diversity challenge

Guest Editors: Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay

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Reflections on the first independent African Philanthropy Forum conference

23 November 2017
African Philanthropy Forum

The African Philanthropy Forum (APF) hosted the 2017 Annual Conference in Lagos from October 30 – October 31, 2017. Fourth in the series of Annual Conferences, the 2017 edition was …

Finally! A global (data) language!

22 November 2017
Lauren Bradford and Larry McGill

Trying to get global consensus on anything is nearly impossible. But in collaboration with a dynamic cohort of individuals and organizations, we’ve managed to develop a new manifesto with respect …

Breaking taboos through courage and open dialogue

21 November 2017
Susan Place Everhart

To break a taboo takes great courage. This was the theme of a ‘Breaking Taboos’ panel discussion at the Trust Conference 2017, organised by Thomson Reuters Foundation in London this …

Alliance Audio – The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Analysis Alliance magazine 19 September 2017

Welcome to the third Alliance Audio. This is the latest in a new series debating key issues in philanthropy with guests from across the foundation world. In this podcast Alliance editor Charles Keidan …

Nothing about us without us – philanthropy’s diversity challenge

Special feature Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay 5 September 2017

This issue of Alliance investigates philanthropy’s diversity predicament. How can philanthropy do the most good if it doesn’t reflect the society it seeks to serve? Our guest editors, Sumitra Mishra and …

Foundations have public responsibilities – it’s time to improve their governance 

Special feature Sachin Sachdeva 5 September 2017

Most grantmaking organizations in India are registered as trusts and their governance is vested in a small group of people who are either friends or family of the founder. To date, this approach has not been contested. There was an …