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Interview with Sergio Urbani of the Cariplo Foundation

1 July 2015
Caroline Hartnell

Lead image: The European Learning Lab, an annual learning event organized by the European Foundation Centre and Fondazione Cariplo, brings foundation professionals together to improve practice.
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Is there such a thing as a ‘career in philanthropy’? Absolutely

Thanks to the Biomimicry Institute, we appreciate that our species is anything but unique in its reliance on feedback. Perhaps few feedback loops are as striking as that between acacia trees and giraffes.
feature 1 June 2015

Feedback as democracy in social change practice

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Of the people, by the people, and for the people

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Why aren’t we learning?

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How can foundations confront the shrinking space for civil society?

6 July 2015
Laura Garcia

Space for civil society has been closing around the globe, with a noticeable rise in restrictive laws and pushback by state and non-state actors. In mid-June, Ariadne, the European Foundation …

What can a philanthropist learn from Greece?

3 July 2015

This post originally appeared on Spear’s. The original article can be found here> The scale of Greece’s financial crisis is alarming, but tough times aren’t reserved for national governments. Struggling …

Strengthening Civil Society’s Resilience in Closing Space through Sustainable, Flexible Funding

2 July 2015
Samar Haidar

Space for civil society has been closing around the globe, with a noticeable rise in restrictive laws and pushback by state and non-state actors. In mid-June, Ariadne, the European Foundation Centre, …

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LIFT: The search for a predictive indicator

feature Alliance magazine 1 June 2015

Last year, LIFT started working with a man named Mr Assefa who, despite working full time, lives several thousand dollars below the US federal poverty line of just $28,410 annually …

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Digital Green: Video-based learning within rural networks

feature Alliance magazine 1 June 2015

Digital Green’s video-enabled, knowledge-sharing work has smallholder farming communities at its core. Small farmers in low-income countries like India and Ethiopia typically make do with dated and abstract agricultural information …

Rwanda: parchment coffee being sun-dried on drying tables at Musasa cooperative.  In 2005, Musasa became Root Capital’s first client in Africa.

Root Capital: Learning from constituent feedback

feature Alliance magazine 1 June 2015

Too often in the non-profit realm, customer feedback is synonymous with funder satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong: donors and investors are critical and valued stakeholders in any change-making operation. We …