Alliance Audio

The podcast series debating key issues in philanthropy with guests across the foundation world.

Episode 8 – Systems change at scale – February 2019
In the eighth Alliance audio podcast, Charles Keidan discusses what it means to conduct philanthropy ‘at scale’ with Rakesh Rajani of Co-Impact and Donzelina Barroso of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.


Episode 7 – Interview: Fran Perrin, Founder of Indigo Trust and 360Giving – November 2018
Fran is the founder and director of the Indigo Trust, one of a network of 18 trusts established by Sainsbury family members following their success in the UK grocery business.

Episode 6 – Fake news and philanthropy – June 2018
In the sixth Alliance audio podcast editor Charles Keidan hosts a discussion with Patrice Schneider of Media Development Investment Fund and Lisa-Maria Neudert of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Episode 5 – Should Philanthropy be doing better?- April 2018
In the fifth Alliance audio podcast editor Charles Keidan hosts a discussion with Paul Ramsbottom of the Wolfson Foundation, and Carol Mack of the UK Association of Charitable Foundations.

Episode 4 – What makes an effective foundation?- February 2018
In this fourth Alliance Audio podcast Charles Keidan hosts a lively debate about trust, transparency and core funding with Dan Corry, chief executive of New Philanthropy Capital, and Paul Streets, the chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation trust, transparency.

Episode 3 – The UN’s Sustainable Develoopment Goals – September 2017
In this third Alliance Audio podcast, Charles Keidan discusses philanthropy’s role in sustainable development with Dr Joanna Macrae (GiveDirectly), Dilhani Wijeyesekera (Comic Relief), and Ben Morton Wright (Global Philanthropic).

Episode 2 – How are solidarity and philanthropy interlinked? – June 2017
In the second Alliance Audio podcast – recorded live from Warsaw at the 2017 European Foundation Centre conference – editor Charles Keidan discusses solidarity, authoritarianism and closing space with Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, Director of the Stefan Batory Foundation, Stefan Schäfers, Head of European Affairs at the King Baudouin Foundation and Liana Varon, Deputy Secretary General of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey.

Episode 1 – Philanthropy payouts – March 2017
In the first Alliance Audio podcast, Alliance editor Charles Keidan hosts a lively debate on whether and why foundations should make annual payouts with Prof Cathy Pharoah, Centre for Giving and Philanthropy at Cass Business School, Angela Kail, Head of the Funder Team, New Philanthropy Capital, and Jake Hayman, of consultancy Ten Years’ Time.

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