All the news, all the channels…

Katrin Kowark

Why the Association of German Foundations and others in the non-profit sector have created new spaces for integrated communications

TV series junkies might be familiar with the term ‘newsroom’ from the American TV series of the same name, an ode to quality journalism. The newsroom is a space that connects all channels of communication. About ten years ago, companies started to adopt the newsroom idea for their public relations and communications work. Since then, more and more non-profit organisations and foundations have followed the same route.

The future of creative work, which is moving in the direction of self-determined action, flat hierarchies, and participatory decision-making in open and networked spaces.

In an ideal newsroom scenario, all communicative efforts – online, social media, press, and print – work together and in an integrated way, not just alongside each other.

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