Ford Foundation’s plan to issue debt intriguing for its novelty, though not ready to be replicated globally

Alliance magazine

The Ford Foundation, together with several other large American foundations, announced recently a plan to issue debt to increase grantmaking – an unusual choice in the foundation world. Some have called the move groundbreaking, saying that the critical circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic require creative solutions and more funding. However, there has also been criticism from those who worry about what it means for a foundation with a $13.7 billion endowment to borrow to increase its grantmaking.

As Alliance magazine prepares to launch its September issue on foundation investments, we wanted to know how this news was being received around the world. So, we reached out to a few members of the Alliance community and asked if this was a conversation happening in their own regions and what they thought generally about Ford’s news.

Below is a collection of responses.

Ingrid Srinath, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University, India

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