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Andre Degenszajn

Conference reports Andre Degenszajn 3 November 2014

XII Iberoamerican Meeting: fewer pyramids, more squares

The current role of civil society and its relations with government was at the centre of debates at the XII Iberoamerican Meeting of Civil Society, which took place in the lovely town of Puebla, Mexico, …

Special feature Andre Degenszajn 1 March 2014

Philanthropy in Brazil: a potential game-changer?

Philanthropy in Brazil has yet to match the diversity of its culture and civil society. It has avoided an active political role and been limited in terms of its investment strategies. The corporate foundations that …

Letter Andre Degenszajn 1 September 2013

The actual impact will be critical

Looking at Brazil, one of the countries mentioned in Matthew Bishop’s insightful article, there are high expectations that a growing number of billionaires will lead to an expansion of philanthropy. But we should not expect that …