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Angel Chiang

Analysis Angel Chiang 6 January 2023

The role of philanthropy in China’s war on poverty

China’s President Xi Jinping declared victory in eradicating absolute poverty in February 2021. According to President Xi, this seemingly impossible task of lifting more than 98.99 million people out of extreme poverty was accomplished ten …

Analysis Angel Chiang and Irene Liu 22 November 2022

How are Chinese philanthropists contributing to education?

There has always been a deep and abiding history of philanthropic support for education in China. In Asia, education tops the type of projects that philanthropists tend to fund. While this is true in China …

Analysis Angel Chiang 2 May 2022

Green growth: Environmental philanthropy in China

While China has achieved momentous success in expanding its economy and generating wealth over the last decade, this has come at an environmental cost. As part of CAPS’s four-part China Issue Guide study, we look …