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Audrey Selian

Opinion Farahnaz Karim and Audrey Selian 23 May 2020

A call for ‘timely’ capital

The reality of fund-raising for those seeking ‘patient capital’ has proven more elusive than the current optimistic narrative about impact investing would suggest, and it begs the question: can capital really be patient? The unstated …

Special feature Audrey Selian and Ken Hynes 1 June 2014

Beyond the pioneer: transcending competition

The recently released Monitor Deloitte report Beyond the Pioneer examines why so few market-based solutions to poverty are getting to scale and what can be done so that they can deliver meaningful benefits to the …

Opinion Audrey Selian 1 September 2011

Investors’ perspectives − Reflections on Bihar from a UK impact investor

The June issue of Alliance was totally illuminating, even for a European-based impact investor whose focus is solely on India. Despite my familiarity with existing ‘impact investment’ opportunities in the country, I found the profiling …