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Opinion Barry Hoolwerf 28 April 2023

Connecting philanthropy and academia in Europe

How can philanthropy in Europe better navigate through the multiple crises and deal with legitimacy issues, all while delivering its potential to be a catalytic force to change our societies and planet for the better? …

Conference reports Barry Hoolwerf 28 September 2022

European philanthropy needs a solid defense. Here’s what that looks like.

On 25 September, Fratelli d’Italia won the Italian elections, which will take the third largest economy in Europe on a rocky path leading away from mainstream European politics. Europe again will have to navigate turbulent …

Conference reports Barry Hoolwerf 17 February 2021

Soul searching at PEXforum: Democratising philanthropy or valuing institutional philanthropy?

The interactive online PEXforum 2021 ‘From crisis to renewal: Living up to our vision for a sustainable and just Europe’ was a well organised and interactive gathering of souls with a shared desire to heal …

Conference reports 1 Barry Hoolwerf 25 May 2019

Show the value of philanthropy. For what it’s worth.

People care. By giving their hard earned money away to the causes by which they are moved, people engage in everyday acts of kindness. This is what philanthropy is about. This is a free interpretation …

Opinion Barry Hoolwerf 30 March 2018

How European policy makers have re-discovered philanthropy

Official interest in philanthropy is growing. In recent years European policy makers have (re-)discovered philanthropy and, more specifically foundations as contributors to the public good. In Brussels, the Directorate-General Research and Innovation (DG RTD) was …

Conference reports Barry Hoolwerf 4 May 2016

Bridging the gap between the European Commission and foundations

How to finance investments in research and innovation in the future? Which forms of financing might stimulate investments and leverage the wealth that has been accumulated in Europe? Which new collaboration structures will lead to …