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Cassie Robinson

Practical advice Cassie Robinson 1 April 2020

How can philanthropists and foundations meaningfully and effectively coordinate COVID-19 response?

This is clearly a time for philanthropy and foundations to be proactive in how they support civil society. There is so much that is needed right now, from emergency response funding, efforts to do the …

Practical advice Cassie Robinson 9 February 2020

How foundations can support civil society to anticipate and shape technology

In the first blog post of this series, I shared a film we made to engage UK foundations and philanthropists in the conversation about how civil society can be better equipped to anticipate and shape …

Analysis Cassie Robinson 7 February 2020

A new social contract between civil society and big tech: The UK foundation perspective

At the end of last year 30 UK foundations met to discuss their role in forging a new social contract between civil society and big tech, prompted by the film I shared in my previous …

Analysis Cassie Robinson 5 February 2020

What is the role of foundations and philanthropy in forging a new social contract between civil society and big tech?

There are so many ways that technology is changing our society, and really if we’re thinking about the future, I believe we’re faced with 4 huge and urgent challenges — the climate emergency, growing inequality, …

Practical advice Cassie Robinson 27 August 2019

10 things on my mind as a funder

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview – or more informal chat – with a senior person working in another Foundation as part of scoping out their future strategy. She asked me …