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Crystal Hayling

Conference reports 1 Crystal Hayling 29 May 2015

Together or alone: can philanthropy effectively tackle systems?

‘Kids are the canaries in the coalmine. Where kids are doing well, communities are doing well. Where kids are not doing well, communities are not doing well,’ came the challenge from an audience member. ‘True, …

Conference reports 1 Crystal Hayling 23 October 2014

Philanthropy in Asia 2014, day one: looking back, looking forward

The Philanthropy in Asia 2014 conference launched on 20 October in the chambers of Singapore’s Old Parliament Building, the wood-panelled halls where the city-state was founded. Prime Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s worn leather seat …

Conference reports 5 Crystal Hayling 23 April 2012

Global Philanthropy Forum: towards a new social contract with whom?

This was my first time attending the Global Philanthropy Forum and I am not disappointed. The conference theme ‘Toward a New Social Contract’ was provocative from the beginning. Rousseau’s concept of the social contract was …

Opinion 1 Crystal Hayling 17 November 2011

Impact investing: philanthropy’s new frontier?

Dr Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, recently visited Singapore and hosted a series of talks and meetings to stimulate and support impact investing in Asia. Dr Rodin joined a heavy-hitting panel that included …

Opinion 3 Crystal Hayling 13 October 2011

It’s not (just) about the money

Elegant and well-heeled would be the best way to describe them. I smiled at these two women of indeterminate age who I had just met at the launch of the UBS-INSEAD Study on Family Philanthropy …